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Never Lose Your Reward Cards

Honored by Many Portland Area Shops, Services and Restaurants

The Portland Metro area is famous for good restaurants, a wide variety of retail shops, many eclectic boutiques and numerous highly specialized services.

Now, whether you live here or you are visiting for a week or two, you can earn rewards with the thumbPunch digital punch card app for your smartphone.

The app is far easier to use than punch cards. Conventional loyalty cards are easy to lose and hard to keep organized as you go about your busy day.

With the thumbPunch app you can keep all your digital cards and rewards from respective vendors in one place so you can find it easily when you want it.

At last an app that, instead of costing you money, will save you money. And serve as a resource to suggest new restaurants, shops and services.

Easy, Simple & Fast

claim your reward

Step 1: Press the reward icon to claim your reward after five or ten punches.

download your reward

Step 2: Reward is downloaded on your phone. Never lose your freebie again!

store your reward

Step 3: Rewards are stored on your phone until you are ready to use them.

Free thumbPunch App Available Now

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