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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need computer terminals or specialized hardware?

A. No. thumbPunch App runs on your customer's smartphone such as iPhone and Android. Your customers download the app directly from Apple or Android App Store.

Q. How do customers know where to download the App from?

A. Most smartphone users know where and how to search and download an app. We will also provide you with signs and downloading instructions that you use to display and advertise your loyalty program within your establishment.

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Q. How much training do we have to provide our team members?

A. thumbPunch app works very much like paper punch card. It takes less than three minutes to train a team member.

Q. How much training do we have to provide our customers?

A. None – thumbPunch is intuitive and easy to use.

Q. How do I monitor app usage?

A. thumbPunch keeps you up to date with daily reports as well as real time web access to all aspects of your loyalty program. Need anything else – please ask. We are only a phone call or email away.

Q. Can I terminate the program anytime?

A. Yes – You may terminate the program anytime.