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" Increasing Retention Rates by 5% Will Boost Profits
by 25% to 100%"

Bain & Company is considered one of the worlds most prestigious consulting firms.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Bain has 47 offices in 30 countries and more than 5,500 employees.

Your Customers Will Return For This

More Marketable, Measurable & Secure than Paper Cards

With thumbPunch, businesses can start training their customers now for the inevitable technological advancements that will change the way we buy and sell in the near future.

Every new technology that we adopt, extends our capability for processing information, separates us from the competition, and opens up new marketing opportunities.

The key to successful business is its ability to cultivate and retain loyal customers. Bain & Co. found businesses could boost profits by 25 – 100% simply by increasing retention rates by 5%.

An effective loyalty program can generate impressive results because it inspires continuous improvement and real time action.

When loyal customers come back more often, they tend to buy additional products and services, refer their friends, and provide valuable feedback.

You are always in the know with the thumbPunch loyalty program. You will know your loyal customers, their buying patterns and their outstanding rewards. You will also know the date and time that punches were received, and the team members that provided the punch.

How to thumbPunch Digital Cards

choose purchase

Step 1:Customer decides where to make next purchase.

make purchase

Step 2:Customer makes a purchase and presents punch card to the merchant to receive a punch.

register purchase

Step 3:Merchant enters four digit pin code to register punch for customer.

updated iphone menu

Punch card display updates to show the new punch.

Best Practices to Attract & Keep Customers

Keep it Simple, Easy & Secure

  • Develop a simple and easy to understand loyalty program
  • Create economically rational ways to reward return visits

Leverage Technology

  • Smartphone usage is rising exponentially
  • Customers don't leave home without their smartphones

Look for Efficiencies

  • Avoid "I always lose my punch cards", a common pitfall of conventional methods
  • With thumbPunch you save the cost of card printing, storage and distribution.

Fast Setup for thumbPunch

Easy to setup in under five minutes or less. Safe and secure with sophisticated means to prevent fraud.

Let's Get Organized!

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Portland merchants take advantage of this introductory offer now. Call 971.998.6242 to schedule a five-minute no-obligation thumbPunch loyalty program demo.